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Class in session | opens again Spring 2021

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No kneading

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Whole-grain, nutrient-rich ingredients

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Gluten-free & dairy-free (no eggs)

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No guar gum, xanthan gum, or unpronounceable ingredients

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No dry, cardboard texture, or flavor

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2–5 g protein & 2–5 g fiber per serving

When you’re “gluten-free,” sometimes all you want is a sandwich. And not one that breaks into sad, dry crumbles with each pathetic bite.

You probably also want a burger with its bun.

Or a bagel.

Or an English muffin. With jam.

Being “gluten-free” shouldn’t feel like punishment. It shouldn’t be about cutting nutritional corners either—trying to pass off fiber-void, starchy, sawdusty, just-plain-strange breads as healthful, or edible.

With this first-of-its-kind, comprehensive, bake-it-at-home course, you can say “goodbye” to heartbreaking baking failures and money-sucking recipe experiments, and “hello” to game-changing warm rolls, monkey bread, and toast!

The Gluten-Free Bread Baking Course outfits you with the tools, recipes, and know-how to confidently bake in the comfort of your own kitchen, even if you claim that you “can’t bake.”


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Heather Crosby

Founder of and Good Food Cooking Club, author of YumUniverse and YumUniverse Pantry to PlateHeather has been developing plant-inspired, gluten-free recipes and sharing them officially since 2009.

Now, she’s sharing her know-how to solve the biggest hurdles for gluten-free folk: a proper loaf of gluten-free sandwich bread; pliable, delicious flatbreads; and moist, versatile quick breads.

Her work has been featured by, O, Oprah Magazine, Reader’s Digest, HGTV, NPR “It’s Your Health,” HuffPost, Design*Sponge, among others. She’s also talked/presented at Wanderlust and Taste Talks.

When you go “gluten-free,” making changes can seem like an impossible challenge. What if you also want to avoid eggs, and other dairy? This course has you covered, too.

Lives are going to change with the Gluten-Free Bread Baking Course, because you’ll experience richer taste, greater texture, and more nutrition than you ever have before in gluten-free baked goods.

Gluten-Free Baguette

No more making apologies for serving “gluten-free” bread to others.

No more trying to convince yourself that store-bought gluten-free bread is as good as wheat bread.

Say “goodbye” to indulging and having a bloated belly to show for it.

Turn “this tastes weird” whining into requests for “seconds please!”

Never compromise on tradition, taste, or nutrition again when it comes to bread.

Take control of your health, build confidence in your baking skills, and ultimately, feel normal again.

What’s Inside?

18 video lessons (6 hours total) and 6 start-to-finish baking videos organized into 4 weekly modules:

Rules & Tools: What you need for gluten-free baking + why

Flatbreads: Unleavened breads from tortillas to skillet flatbreads

Quickbreads: Sweet and savory loaves + skillet quick breads

Yeasted Breads: Sandwich loaves, boules + even sourdough bread

The Goods

Your enrollment includes:

  • Long-term access to the course
  • 18 learn-at-your-own-pace video lessons
  • 6 start-to-finish baking videos
  • Know-how about the new gluten-free rules, techniques, and tools
  • Know-how to bake gluten-free flatbreads
  • Know-how to bake gluten-free quick breads
  • Know-how to bake gluten-free yeasted breads
  • Easy shopping links with each module
  • Access to Community Classmates Group
  • 36 total game-changing, gluten-free recipes
  • 7 gluten-free flatbread recipes
  • 5 gluten-free quick bread recipes
  • 9 gluten-free yeasted bread/
    sourdough recipes
  • 28 total eBook and PDF resources
  • BONUSES available upon course completion: extra vids, eBooks, and 15 more recipes once you complete all recaps


Class in session | opens again Spring 2021

Let’s get real.

Years of ingredient and recipe testing, research, baking hours and elbow grease went into the development of this course and the game-changing secrets it contains are better for it. Think of the time and money you’ll save in exploration.

You didn’t have to head into the gluten-free flour aisle, scratching your head as you wondered “what flour is best for what?” Or “which one will I actually use instead of it collecting dust in the pantry?”

All of the trial and error, being unsure of how to use gluten-free alternatives, the disappointment of a recipe gone wrong, feeling that burning FOMO at a BBQ when everyone is eating sliders—these obstacles, frustrations, and struggles can really add up.

Not to worry. GFBA has your back. We’ve been there, and it’s why we created this course. Your instructor Heather Crosby has written two books and developed over 600 gluten-free recipes for all eaters. She’s going to help you tie on an apron and leap over the learning curve. With Heather as your guide, you can have toast, bagels, tortillas, and sandwiches again in no time.

Learn from a gluten-free baking pro and reap the delicious rewards.

    What GFBA students are saying:

  • This course has enriched my table beyond my wildest dreams!

  • My children prefer to eat the fresh GFBA multigrain loaf rather than store bought!

  • Thank you, GFBA, for putting in the time, money, and effort it took to make our part easy!

  • The GFBA has allowed me to bake delicious bread again and for that, I am eternally grateful.

  • Miracle: for a person who never produced an edible cookie, let alone any kind of bread, I just successfully made a multi-grain loaf!

  • Heather’s tone is relaxed and conversational, like having a friend in your kitchen, saying “I’m going to instruct you but you’re going to do the work. I’ll be here.”

  • I’m an experienced baker but the gluten-free baking that I have done has only been marginally successful. This course is a game changer.

  • Heather was outstanding. Her personal touch and approach made for a supportive learning environment.

  • Thanks a million for bringing decent tasting bread back into our lives!

  • Hugest compliments to Heather’s step-by-step teaching and outstanding recipes!

Bread is back. And it’s better than ever.

Class in session | opens again Spring 2021

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YU Academy course image
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